Cleaning and caring advice

The pearl thong is made out of gemstones or real, fresh water cultured pearls. All are products of nature which require special care. Please stick to the following advice to ensure your pleasure and lengthen the lifetime of your jewelry.

Any chemical substances e.g. cosmetics, perfumes or cleaning supplies may damage the silky surface of the pearl. Due to their acid content, sweat or other body substances can also provoke color changes in the pearls. Concerning this matter, gemstones are a lot less sensitive. In any case, you should avoid heat, water baths or sauna. This damages the pearl as well as the pearl thread needlessly.

After wearing, please use a soft, polishing tissue – without chemical cleansing agent – to smoothly clean the pearls of any remaining impurity.

The good news is: When not worn, the pearls lose their shine – called luster – due to the missing moisture and grease of the skin. Therefore do not be afraid to wear your pearl thong on your skin. Should the luster of the cultured pearls fade over the time, you may help along with some drops of silicon oil.

The pearl strings should be stored separately from other jewelry, preferably in the specially designed box in which it will be delivered. Here the pearls are protected from rubbing against each other or being scratched by other precious metal pieces. Gold- and silver oxidizes with time and may become darker. Avoid keeping the jewelry in wet rooms such as the bathroom, etc. This could speed up the process of oxidation.

Once a year, any pearl jewelry should be checked by a jeweler or goldsmith to examine the threat as well as the pearls. On request, we are happy to provide you with an offer.