How do I put on the pearl thong?
First of all, it is helpful to spread all parts on a soft layer to get a quick overview.
Start with connecting all three strings together with the back closure. Please begin with the two chains which have the same length. These will be the ones that go around your hips. The shorter one – in most cases – is the string which passes through your crotch. When finished, lay the back breech with the now 3 attached strings on your tail bone and take each of the strings with equal length in one hand. Then guide them from the back towards your belly to the front like putting on a belt. Afterwards hook these two chains into the breech. Now bring the loose pearl string attached to the back closure through your crotch to the front and also fix it into the breech. If necessary adjust the pearl thong´s position for ideal comfort.
Whenever you want to take off your pearl thong, just loosen as many strings out of it as you please.
For hygienic reasons, please pay close attention to our caring advice!

What does my pearl thong cost?
To get an idea of the total amount, please chose your favored closures and chains in the according length. A calculation example could look as following:

closure shell silver (990 €)
closure ivy leaf silver (690 €)
chainrock crystal size S (199 €)
1.879 €

If you wish to have special designs, different gemstones, materials etc. the prices differ from given examples and will show in the nonbinding offer which we will send to you on request.

What can I do in case none of the chains have the right size for a necklace, bracelet or anklet?
Usually the hip chain as well as the necklace are always possible. But of course as mentioned before, these wearing options depend on personal body dimensions and cannot be guaranteed. Should one option not work out, you are more than welcome to order easily fitting pearl chains. Please contact us!

What can I do if I only want a necklace, bracelet or anklet?
Since this jewelry is a unique custom-made production you are free to order whatever you wish for. If there are special designs or materials you would like to have, please contact us and we will make every effort to honor your preferences.

Is it possible to separately order different chains/closures?
To enlarge the possible variations of this jewelry, you are free to order differently colored or in kind pearl strings or breeches anytime. Therefore, simply tell us the design or the necessary sizes.

Is it possible for the pearl thong to rip?
The pearl thong is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Its strength and resistance is comparable to a normally knotted pearl necklace. Therefore tearing, pulling or jerking at it may cause ripping. In case this happens, we offer a repair service.

Can I wear the pearl thong during sexual intercourse?
You may wear your pearl thong as you please always and everywhere. It is smooth, flexible and the round pearls feel soft on your skin. During sexual intercourse just be aware of the afore mentioned point that tearing, pulling or jerking increases the risk of ripping or damaging the closure. Though, the unhinging of just the middle pearl thong is definitely a thrilling and exciting addition to your foreplay.