Labia clip

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The labia clip is a beautiful female accessory for the woman. Thanks to the personalized production you may also include your preferences for materials (gold/silver) or different gemstones.

The clip itself is approx. 56 mm long and consists of a head piece, two small bows and an acrylic ball with a chain. Above the clitoris in direction to the belly button, the head piece with chosen sparkling gemstones is located. The two slightly bent bows enclose the small inner labia and accentuate the female’s sex. The space in between, guarantees a perfect wearing sensation. On the inner sides, little indentations enable a soft sucking effect to the delicate skin and ensure right positioning.
The ball may be vaginally inserted and can be connected to the chain. This not only protects the jewelry from loss but can also be a lovely stimulation.

For further questions or information please contact us. The labia clip is obtainable under