Pearl thong

  • Pearl thong Apple sterling silver 925 with 12 white diamonds and granat & silver pearls
  • Pearl thong shell gold with 4 white diamonds
  • necklace closure in apple shape gold 525 with white fresh water cultured pearls
  • bracelet Apple Sterling silver 925 with 12 white diamonds and granate pearls
  • Pearl thing ivy leaf sterling silver 925 with 3 white diamonds and white fresh water cultured pearls
  • PerlaMaria Jewelry box with two 925 sterling silver closures in bubble and heart design and dark burgundy pearl strings

Let yourself be swept away on waves of lust and desire. Genuine, beautiful pearls lie gracefully on your skin and caress your hips. Feel, as the pearls grow warm on your excited body and make you sigh.

The pearl thong consists of two approximately 4 x 4.5 cm (depending on the model) high quality closures out of noble metal and three custom-knotted pearl strings with approx. 6-9 mm pearls. The rest is up to you. Chose materials, gemstones, patterns or initials with which we may emphasize your personality.

New and absolutely unique is the changeability of the pearl thong. Connected with all strings the thong is assembled. With just two of them a hip chain, with only one a bracelet, a necklace or an anklet. There are endless variations of combinations – depending on the occasion for which you like an extravagant accessory.

Vary this erotic jewelry as you please and surprise yourself and others with unsurpassed versatility.

The extravagance of the pearl string is protected through utility model No.: 20 2013 006 068.9