Thank you very much for this great idea. Finally something that does not hide in the jewelry box at home. I kind of prefer the necklace since I can always wear and change it. Every day something different. My fiancé likes the thong of all variations best – of course – but still, it is nice that we both really enjoy this jewelry. (Kathrin, 34 Years)

Finally the elaborate version of pearl thongs! I instantly threw away all the others with itchy laces, plastic pearls losing their coating or elastic bands ripping in the middle of something! I am so happy. Not even speaking of the stimulating pearls! It is so nicely made and incredibly beautiful. For me- worth every cent!! (Sarah, 28 Years)

The most beautiful invention after nylons! The pearl thong is incredibly sexy and the possiblity to wear it also during daytime e.g. as a necklace is amazing! Almost like nylons except more exclusive and way much more individual. (Rosi, 46 Years)

It was and is the very best wedding present from my husband ever. We think the pearl thong is really elegant and high-value. Unbelievable is that he was able to have my favorite gemstones red rubies as initial put in it. I am very happy and we are enjoying every single pearl… (Andrea, 39 Years)

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